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Incredibly proud to announce City of Ghosts has won a Peabody! As the show's co-EP, I helped develop storylines and helped give the show its documentary vibe. I'm very thankful to show creator Elizabeth Ito for bringing me onboard to help create this one-of-a-kind series.

It has chalked up rave reviews. Here are just a few:

"Now here comes a show that’s a dreamy love letter to all that, a delightful cartoon and most-Los Angeles-y thing ever that also proposes a whole new way to think about cities, ethnicity, and history. You know: for kids."—Wired

Vox said, " At its core, City of Ghosts succeeds because it’s a show about the histories that hide within the places we live."

The New Yorker deemed it "overflowing with soul and cool"

"If I am given the choice to live with one show for the rest of my goddamn life, it will be City of Ghosts" —Mashable"

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